Security at the Court

There is security screening at all courthouses. This means that when you enter the building, you will be asked to empty your pockets and step through a metal detector. Any handbags, back-packs, briefcases or other materials that you have with you will be placed through an x-ray machine. The process is very similar to the security that you would encounter at an airport. It can sometimes cause line-ups to form at the court entrance during busy times of the day. Therefore, it is recommended that you arrive early.

The following are examples of items that may not be brought in to the courthouse:

  • weapons of any kind, including bear spray
  • illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia
  • alcohol
  • knives, including utility knives and pocket knives
  • scissors or any other instrument with a cutting edge
  • sharp objects such as knitting needles , metal forks and corkscrews
  • tools such as screwdrivers, hammers, nails, screws, etc.
  • any other item deemed to be a security concern