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Court Contact Information

For phone numbers, locations, operational hours and and contact information for all Court of King's Bench of Alberta locations, please visit our Locations, Contacts, Hours & Sittings page or refer to the Court Calendar.

Online Jury Summons Response Form

Court and Justice Services (CJS)

Court and Justice Services (CJS) is a group of programs and services offered by the Government of Alberta, Justice and Solicitor General in collaboration with the courts of Alberta. CJS provides administrative support to all the Courts within the Province. 

CJS Contact Centre:

Telephone: 1 (855) 738-4747

Edmonton King's Bench main number: (780) 422-2492
Calgary King's Bench main number: (403) 297-7538

8:15 am to 4:00 pm
Open Monday - Friday
Closed on Statutory Holidays

CJS staff work to:

  • help find solutions for legal issues
  • offer programs at no cost or a nominal charge
  • provide services across Alberta
  • provide administrative support to all the courts within the province
  • assistance with court forms and filing

Communicating with the Court

For an explanation of how to communicate with Justices of the Court appropriately, see the Communicating with the Court page.

Bar Admission Booking Form

If you are requesting to be called to the Bar in the Court of King's Bench of Alberta, please fill out this form and submit it, along with the accompanying documents, electronically.   Bar Admission Booking Request Form 

Services en français

Avocate-conseil des services en français et interprètes (ASFI) / Counsel for French and Interpreter Services (CFIS)

Applications Judges Chambers

Calgary Applications Judges Office
Edmonton Applications Judges Office
Calgary Applications Judges Specials Coordinator
Edmonton Applications Judges Specials Coordinator

Judicial Assistants

Calgary Judicial Assistants General Line

Edmonton Judicial Assistants General Line

Review & Assessment Officers

Calgary Review Office
Edmonton Review Office

Calgary Court Coordinators

Scheduling Inquiries Only 

Criminal Trial Coordinator

Civil Trial  & Specials Coordinator

Commercial Coordinator 

JDR Coordinator

Family Specials Coordinator

Family Trial Coordinator

Edmonton Court Coordinators

Scheduling Inquiries Only

Court Coordinators General Line: 780.422.2310

Criminal Trial Coordinator
Criminal PTCs 

Civil Trial & Specials Coordinator

Commercial Coordinator

JDR Coordinator

Family Specials Coordinator
Family Trial Coordinator

Regional Court Coordinators

Scheduling Inquiries Only

Court Coordinator

Fort McMurray
Court Coordinator

Grande Prairie
Court Coordinator

Court Coordinator

Court Coordinator

Medicine Hat
Court Coordinator

Peace River/High Level
Court Coordinator

Red Deer
Court Coordinator

Court Coordinator

Court Coordinator