E-File Notice of Charter Application and Materials

This electronic filing system has been put in place by the Provincial Court of Alberta for use in the Calgary Criminal Division, the Calgary Regional Division and the Edmonton Criminal Division of the Court. Its purpose is to provide counsel with a more convenient means of giving notice of any application (or replying to) alleging a breach of any right or freedom guaranteed under the Charter of Rights & Freedoms.

At present, this system is only for use by lawyers, their staff and members of Student Legal Services. By submitting the form, the user electronically files Notice of their application, along with supporting written material and case authorities; this electronic notification will be simultaneously sent to the Crown law office selected by the user, and to the appropriate judicial offices (Calgary Criminal, Calgary Regional or Edmonton Criminal division) of The Provincial Court of Alberta. This system also permits counsel to electronically exchange their written briefs and supporting materials, as well as file amended applications and supplemental material.

Note: As with all technology, this system may occasionally falter. If you do not receive notification of a 'successful filing,' or if you have reason to suspect that your materials were not filed/relayed to opposing counsel (eg: you filed a Charter Notice but have never received any kind of Reply from Crown counsel), please contact opposing counsel to verify your initial filing. Failing to take initiative to verify your filing in such circumstances is not acceptable.

Until further notice, this system is only for use in court proceedings that are ongoing in the Calgary criminal, Calgary regional or Edmonton criminal divisions of the Provincial Court.

This page contains a link to a Practice Directive, issued June 1, 2010 by the Chief Judge of the Provincial Court of Alberta, which governs this procedure. This page also contains a link to instructions that can be downloaded for future reference.

Please note the following:

  • Please read the Practice Directive governing notice of applications pursuant to the Charter of Rights & Freedoms issued by the Chief Judge of the Provincial Court relative to use of this system, and, notice requirements (either by use of this electronic form, or, by email or fax). If notice is required for other parties, that notice must also be given.
  • Filing of a "Notice of Application" does not mean your application will be granted; the application must still be heard in court.
  • It is recommended that you print the Instructions for e-filing (above) before proceeding any further.
    To file an application, click register (or sign-in) above; please maintain the confidentiality of your password.