Bar Admission Booking Request Form


If you are requesting to be called to the Bar in the Alberta Court of Justice, please fill out this form and submit it, along with the accompanying documents, electronically. Please do not print and submit the form. Bar Admission ceremonies are conducted Monday through Thursday at 3:30p.m., at base court locations only. In some circumstances, arrangements can be made with a specific Justice to conduct a Bar Admission ceremony, provided there is sufficient reason and available resources to do so. Any requests for a specific Justice should be included in the "additional information" section of the booking request form.

Please be advised that we are no longer accepting bar admissions for the following areas:

  • Calgary for the month of July 2024
Have you contacted the Law Society of Alberta (LSA) to confirm your eligibility date to be called to the Bar? If not, you must do so prior to submitting this form.

Have you previously contacted Court of King's Bench to book a Bar Admission ceremony?

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Please send your CV and any supporting information, in PDF format only, to the following email address within 5 days of form submission using the following format:

Calgary/Edmonton - Name - Bar Call - Date - CV
Ex: Calgary - John Doe - Bar Call - January 22, 2023 - CV.pdf