Summary Disposition Court Scheduling

The Court is now hearing Summary Dispositions via Webex in cases where all parties agree to proceed in this manner.  Requests for a Summary Disposition Hearing must be made by completing the Summary Disposition Hearing Request Form online.  The Court is continuing to follow the Judicial Hub Model for these hearings. The Justice will appear remotely from the Hub location but the file will remain in its original jurisdiction and it will be clerked there.

Judicial Hubs of Calgary and Edmonton

  • Edmonton Hub includes St. Paul, Hinton, Peace River and Fort McMurray
  • Calgary Hub includes Drumheller and Grande Prairie

The schedule for the Edmonton and Calgary Hubs are available below.  Hearings can be requested for ½ hour, 1 hour or ½ day on Mondays and Wednesdays (subject to change).  For longer hearings, please submit the form for the requested Justice but without dates to the appropriate Court Coordinator who will provide you with availability.

Note: Before checking schedule, please be certain to refresh your internet browser.

Calgary Summary Disposition Court Schedule
Edmonton Summary Disposition Court Schedule

Judicial Hubs of Red Deer and Lethbridge

  • Red Deer Hub includes Wetaskin
  • Lethbridge Hub Includes Medicine Hat

Hearings for the Red Deer and Lethbridge Hubs will be scheduled during existing duty weeks.  Please complete the Summary Disposition Hearing Request Form online including duration of the hearing and you will be contacted with availability.

You will receive a scheduling confirmation from the Court once the matter has been scheduled.  This will include information regarding providing any materials to the court such as scheduling submissions and documents to be marked as exhibits at the hearing.  Webex information will be provided closer to the hearing.