Current Consultation

Request for Comments 2020-1

Summary Trials

In light of the limited availability of trial time, and the need to resolve disputes in an efficient and expeditious manner, the Rules of Court Committee intends to examine the use of summary trials as a more efficient way of resolving disputes.

The Rules of Court Committee is now requesting comments on Division 3 of Part 7 of the Rules, which deals with summary trials. Comment is invited on any aspect of the applicable rules, although the linked discussion document (below) is intended to highlight the issues identified to date.

Submissions are requested by June 1, 2020 and should be sent to:   or

Barb Turner, Q.C., Secretary,
Rules of Court Committee,
John E. Brownlee Building, 9th Floor,
10365 – 97 Street,
Edmonton, Alberta, T5J 3W7